Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Posted by Derek Greene, VP of Greens Mill on 8th May 2018

Many of you have called our office, and you're almost always greeted by the same person, my mom. I hit the lottery with my mom. As many of you know, family businesses can be tough at times, but I've never felt a strain working with her. She's patient, kind, and a great listener.

I can't tell you how many times a store has approached me at market complimenting my mom on how sweet she is on the phone. (And I always tell her when you do!) One of my favorite stories was when a store owner called exasperated about making an error on the order she just placed. She said, "Nancy, I'm losing my marbles!" A week later her order came in with the corrections, along with a bag of marbles that said, "I found your marbles!".

That kind of example has helped show me how to treat our customers, and also how to treat people in every day life. Be kind to people, be fair, be a good example to your family, and help others.

I try to live up to those examples every day, though I do occasionally spoil my dinner by eating snacks and sometimes I forget to take my shoes off at the door.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Warm regards,

Derek Greene, VP
Greens Mill