#shareyourpassion: Charlie

#shareyourpassion: Charlie

Posted by Derek Greene, VP of Greens Mill on 2nd May 2018

Last month we had a campaign on Instagram using the hashtag #ShareYourPassion.  We loved seeing people share their passion and having a sign that shows it.  Tomorrow we'll announce the random winner!

One of my passions is animals, in particular my dog Charlie.

Charlie was a birthday gift 3 years ago for my wife, April.  We had recently lost our Chocolate Lab to a car accident and our family felt a void.  Charlie was the perfect addition to the family, 

Admittedly, I've always liked bigger dogs and while Charlie was a gift to my wife, she somehow managed to wrap me around her little paws.  She's the perfect companion- sweet, loyal, and the true definition of a lap dog.  In fact, guests are surprised to see her climb in my lap whenever I sit down!

She's been great for our boys, always playful and full of life.  She's also hilarious.  While mostly well behaved, she gives herself away when she gets into mischief by putting her tail between her legs and slowly creeping by us!

While she couldn't hurt a fly, I appreciate how protective she is of the boys.  And while she certainly couldn't stop a burglar, she's certainly a good alarm whenever someone comes to the door!

Charlie has been a wonderful addition to our family, which is my biggest passion.  Thanks for all who participated in our #ShareYourPassion campaign, and stay tuned for more in the future!

Warm Regards,